The Great Hydration Challenge

Over the course of the last year, Game On has been challenging young athletes to do The Great Hydration Challenge. It is a great way to help players stay hydrated and focused as well as break sugar and caffeine dependencies. Sound good? Here's how it works

LEVEL ONE: Players drink a glass of water before they drink anything else.

LEVEL TWO: (For those who are ready for the next level) Players only drink water all week. No juice, milk, smoothies, soda, tea, etc. They can take a break over the weekend, and then start with the challenge again on Monday.

Here is what it does:

The Great Hydration Challenge is a great revealer of addictions/dependencies on sugar and caffeine and a quick way to begin to break unnecessary habits, flush out toxins and, most importantly, get more hydrated. It leads to better sleep, more energy, more sustainable performance levels and less fogginess, impatience and irritability during the day. And, since they aren't drinking lots of packaged products like juices or sodas, it ends up saving you money at the grocery store! Score.

Here is what to expect:

Day 1 is usually awesome. Kids are excited and motivated. Day 2, the novelty of the idea fades and the sacrifice and struggle begins. Prepare for some irritability and even loss of motivation as their routines are having to transform and their go-to drinks (juices, sodas, etc) are off-limits. You may not enjoy being around them that day due to irritability, impatience and complaining, but the results will be worth it