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Blacknet Puts the Swish in Park Ball

BlackNet founder Jason Smith came out to our off-season training program at a local outdoor park and debuted his company's awesome solution to parks and playgrounds with netless rims. BlackNet nets are portable so youth can take them to outdoor courts and use their basketball to shoot the nets onto the rims. When they are ready to leave, they toss the ball back up through the rim to unhook the net. (Check out the video below to see how it works or visit

Jason says his invention was inspired by Dr. Michael Halberstam (1932-1980), who in the last year of his life "was fond of sneaking into Washington D.C. playgrounds and attaching new nets that he had just bought, so that he and other playground players could hear their jump shots swish. . . “ (quote from the forward to the book Breaks of the Game by Pulitzer Prize winner, David Halberstam). For a quick look at how easy the BlackNet is to connect to outdoor rims (any youth who can make a basket can do it!) check out the video link below.

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