Outdoor Basketball League

Middle School (Grades 5-8)  Girls & Boys Divisions

The 4-on-4 outdoor basketball league for Grades 5-6 & 7-8


June 21- July 16


Day                             Grade                               TIME

Tuesdays                   5/6 Girls and Boys           6-8pm

Tuesdays                   7/8 Boys                            6-8pm

Thursdays                 7/8 Girls                            6-8pm

Championship Tournament

Saturday, July 16  10am-2pm


Sayre Park (Glenwood Springs)



4 Players (6 Player Max)

League jerseys are provided for each time. Teams must wear league jerseys to participate. 

Team Captain Led

5/6 Grade Teams are allowed to have coaches.

7/8 Grade Teams are led by Team Captains during the games to foster Game I.Q. Coaches are allowed to confer with their team before the game begins and at half-time, but are not allowed to coach during the game. Fans/coaches are allowed to yell encouragement to players during the game but NOT INSTRUCTION. 7/8 Grade teams must be player-led.


Each team is required to have a Team Manager or Coach (can be a parent or adult volunteer) who is responsible for organizing the team and taking responsibility for the team's compliance with Game On Camp's "Safe to Play" policies.

Coaches are encouraged to run practices for teams throughout the week. 

How Many Players?

Teams are composed of between 4-6 players. No more than 6 players/team. 

Will there be officials?

Yes, there will be one official per game

How long are games

Games will be 40 minutes (Two 20 minute halves) with running time. 

How many games are in a season?

Each team will play a minimum of one game/week and a maximum of two, with a single-elimination championship tournament at the end.


Pre-registration $225 until May 15, 2022

Regular Price $275 May 16-June 30, 2022