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COVID19 Health & Safety

GAME ON CAMPS Covid19 Plan is pending approval and will be updated as required in the weeks leading up to camp. All players will receive the official plan once it is approved by the local Parks & Rec department. For questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact us!



Parents/guardians will be sent a mandatory Confirmation of Health form every night to confirm their player has no COVID symptoms (especially a temperature or cough) and that no one in their household is experiencing COVID symptoms. The form can be completed online (or printed, signed and handed in-person by the player) each day.


If a player in the camp does report COVID symptoms, either personally or in their house, all families participating in the camp will be notified and can withdraw their player at any time with a full refund for the days that the player does not attend camp.




Parents will drop players off and pick players up at the curb to limit proximity. Players will check-in at the table with coaches who will wear a mask during check-in/check-out. Coaches will remove their mask during the camp but will remain 6-feet away from players at all times.




  • Each camp will have a 25-player maximum

  • Players WILL NOT be socially distanced from each other

  • Coaches WILL BE socially distanced from players and remain 6 feet away at all times, including during lunch, water breaks and rest periods

  • Players will be responsible to bring their own hand-sanitizers and be reminded of the opportunity to use them as well as wash their hands (much the same as the will be reminded to wear sunscreen, drink water and eat healthy snacks) throughout the day



Parents/guardians understand that there will be contact between players and that though the Center for Disease Control says the likelihood of children contracting/passing on the virus is minimal, it is also still existent.


If a player contracts COVID19 while at the camp, the parents/guardians agree to not hold Game On Camps responsible as all mandatory requirements, as well as additional precautions, are being taken by GAME ON CAMPS. Since parents/guardians have all the information they need to make the best choice possible for the well-being of their player, any illness (or injury) a player incurs at camp is not the responsibility of GAME ON CAMPS coaches or other players and families. Parents/guardians will be asked to not send their player to camp if they are not comfortable with accepting full responsibility for these terms in regards to their player’s health and well-being.



A sign will be posted in the pavilion reminding players and coaches of the new procedures.



Parents/guardians, as well as coaches/volunteers, will be required to sign a Responsibility Waiver Form which confirms they are aware of the new COVID19 policies/procedures and are willing to comply with all policies and accept full responsibility for their decision to allow their player to  participate.

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