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Join the Million Mom Movement

100 years ago all food was organic, vegetables grew from the earth and fruits were picked from trees. Animals roamed free and fish swam in pristine lakes and oceans. Now all the things we put into our bodies are made not by God and Mother Nature, but by chemists in laboratories. And it is not food at all but food-like substances that are processed, irradiated and genetically modified, filled with artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners and loaded with hormones, antibiotic and pesticides.

The Million Mom Movement invites moms (and dads) to inspire their families to join the whole food revolution and commit to eating cleaner and greener together. 


  • I pledge to defend the health of my family and of myself

  • I pledge to reject GMOs, artificial ingredients, trans fats and over-processed foods

  • I pledge to educate myself, read labels and lead by example

  • I understand that my actions TODAY will positively impact the health of future generations

  • I am COMMITTED to sharing this mission until we are a Million Moms strong

IT ALL BEGAN WITH ONE MOM, AMY VENNER.  Game On Camps's founder Cassandra Irving met Amy Vendor, founder of the Million Mom Movement, in 2015 and was inspired to sign on to the Million Mom Movement. "Amy is tenanciously committed to understanding nutrition and feeding her family the healthiest food possible. I've learned a lot from her about whole foods nutrition which I have passed on not only to my own family, but also to all Game On Camp's coaches and players."


As the founder of the Million Mom Movement, Amy is committed to inspiring women and their families to eat healthier. As Vice President of one of the fastest growing whole food companies, Amy says she asks herself one simple question before approving a new food product: "Is this something I would give to my own daughters, Madilyn and Addison?’" Purium's products contain absolutely NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners, NO genetically modified ingredients, NO irradiated ingredients, NO binders, fillers or synthetic ingredients of any kind. "I don’t want my girls consuming unhealthy food and I don’t want your kids to consume unhealthy foods either," says Amy. "What we don’t put into our products is just as important as what we do put in. I am a mother to Madilyn and Addison first, and the co-founder of Purium second.”


Cassandra attends Purium's annual nutrition conference to stay on top of the latest advances with nutrition, especially for women and youth, and Game OnCamps offers discounts on Purium's MVP Kids products to all its players.

Coach Cassandra with Purium's Amy Venner

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